Jun 14, 2007

Without Blood by Alessandro Baricco

Alessandro Baricco is famous Italian writer and "Without Blood" (2002.) is one of his famous novels.
It`s short, but tells more than some three times longer novels. For me this novel was like a good and strong wine.
Baricco tells an almost real story (it could happen), divided in two parts separated by time. First part tells about little girl`s family murder at the end of war. In second part this girl Nina (already old woman then) meets with last surviving murderer Tito, who secretly spared her life. She had taken her time, prepared and fulfilled her revenge...almost... They sit down and share the memories. Tito thinks that Nina will kill him, but Nina isn`t so sure anymore... The war is over for them.
I liked Baricco`s writing style: clear and poetic, almost stingy in words, yet making each character psychologically deep. I could almost hear them speaking, so well written the dialogues are.
"Without Blood" is first novel I have read from A. Baricco and I`m impressed. Must search for his best known novel "Silk"...

Jun 4, 2007

Blogroll game

You can see little pink button on the right. It means that I`m participating in Blogroll game made up by Dewey. She has really nice blog and through this game I`ve found two (new)other interesting blogs:

I visited Imani`s blog The Books of My Numberless Dreams. She has read 70 books last year. That`s a lot.2nd blog I visited is Arukiyomi. Author lived in Japan and he likes to read old novels. I liked his idea about showing on map locations mentioned “Journey to the Interior of the Earth” I`ll definitely visit his blog again to see what he has read next.3rd blog I visited (actually it`s on my blogroll for some time already) is Booktraveller`s blog. I like her idea about reading books from different countries. It`s great ability for her blog readers to find out new books and new authors.

I shall say that I visited more than 3 blogs, but these where the ones I wanted to wrote about. Go on and participate!

Jun 2, 2007

President of Latvia

After some unexpected moments, rumours, discussions on mass media, protests and supporting ads, Latvia has new president Valdis Zatlers.

No one denies that he is really good doctor and he has done a lot in his position, but many people have doubts whether he will be good president. Because some politicians stand behind him, because he doesn`t understand politics so well, because he had taken gifts (money?) from patients....It all doesn`t look nice. Especially if we compare V. Zatlers with previous president Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

People love her, she is smart, she is good looking, she does what`s best for Latvia, she isn`t a marionette after all, she understands politics and foreign affairs well.
Many people, especially young ones, expected that Zatlers won`t get enough votes and politicians will choose some third person, like it happened when Freiberga was first elected. What can expect a president whom one part of Latvia`s inhabitants don`t support? Nothing much, I think. Let`s only hope that he will exceed our best expectations.