May 23, 2007

Apple blossoms

Most beautiful time of the year. This May is only about blooming. It`s hardly to see houses, all trees are like white and pink clouds.

Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonneguth

I read my fourth TBR book in one evening at the beginning of May, but couldn`t push myself to write a post about it.

"Breakfast of Champions" is my first ever read book from Vonneguth`s writings. I wasn`t sure if I`ll like it, because I have heard that whether you love or hate Vonneguth, there is no middle way. I think I`ll be the one who love :)

I suppose anyone knows this book, so I won`t repeat the plot. I liked the way Vonneguth tells stories, also in some places I got little but unsatisfied by his sudden change of story - his is swiftly switching between different subjects. One thing I liked the most, is his laughing about things other people take seriously:

There were one quadrillion nations in the Universe, but the nation Dwayne Hoover and Kilgore Trout belonged to was the only one with a national anthem which was gibberish sprinkled with question marks.
Some Vonneguth audio books are waiting for me, so I`m going to dig deeper into Vonneguth world.

May 15, 2007


Today I`m going to through out a lot of old books. They were left by old flat owner when she died. Too bad that she didn`t read good literature. There were mostly silly novels and books written in Soviet time about Soviet soldiers and comunism. Still I got few good books too: colection of Anthon Checkov works, F. Kafta, J.Vernes and some other authors` books. It`s not easy to through out books, but no one needs them, they are worth nothing.

Lately there is cleaning going on in Latvian libraries. Similar books like mines are thrown out. It`s normal. What seems little bit strange to me is that they through out also good classics if no one had read those books for some time. It`s possible to pick them up for no fee if someone wants, before books are sent to recicling.